Food myths

Food Myths

There are various food myths which are prevailing not only in India but all over the world what to eat when to eat and how often to eat at such questions which usually confused most of the individuals we believe in such myths because they sound like they could be true nowadays we have scientific knowledge and on the basis of that knowledge we should not believe in food myth. The most common food Nights which are still prevalent in our contemporary society are subsequently:
Potatoes make you fat: Aryan people used to think that carbohydrate foods such as dry potato acid increase body weight so for losing or reducing weight they used to eliminate carbohydrate food from the right now I know that  carbohydrates are body energy source. Potatoes do not automatically make you fat so there is no current in potatoes in moderate quantity
Fat free products will help you in losing weight: fat free labelled products can lead to weight gain in fact these foods have more calories approximately these products have the same number of calories in comparison of other regular food in addition most the person eat more quantity of labelled foods under the misconception that it comprises less calories power the ultimate Lee consume more calories in which can cause weight gain.
Egg increase cholesterol level so what them: 1 hour undoubtedly good source of Health and provide to various nutrients much protein vitamins a b d zinc iron calcium Phosphorus is a crab also feel that daily requirement of cholesterol by our body so taking one at daily cause no problem in the level of cholesterol.
Drinking while eating makes you fat:  The natural fact behind this misconception is that enzymes and their digestive juices will be diluted by drinking water while taking it will slow down our digestion which may lead to Excess body fat in contrary there is scientific fact that drinking water while eating improve digestion.
Don’t take milk immediately after eating fish: many people believe that you should not take milk immediately after eating fish they think that it will make you sick some people even think that spots can appear on your skin if you consume milk after eating fish as a matter of fact there is no scientific reason in taking milk immediately after eating fish in need this product may be taken together.
Starve yourself if you want to lose weight: eating a good diet is more important than not to eat when you are on a weight loss program include search food items in your diet with surprise appetite and increase metabolism so that you do not eat too much there is no need to starve yourself if you want to lose weight.
Exercise makes you eat more: exercise burn calories which may increase your hunger research studies conducted in this area have not shown that any individual who do exercise and you more calories than those who do not exercise so there is no truth in this statement.